21.04.2015 09:01

Language policy objectives of the state is unable to ongoing communication and communication intrabangsa well, without causing social and emotional turmoil that could destabilize the nation. Discretion to appoint a particular language as the national language and at the same time as the state language or lift the national language and lift one another language as the language of the country of origin should be done not make other languages ​​that exist in the country be left out or make the speakers become restless which in turn can lead to political and social unrest gejolah. In addition to giving a decision on the status, position, and function of a language, the language of wisdom should also give direction to the processing of language material that is commonly called a corpus of language. This language corpus involves all components of language, ie phonology, morphology, vocabulary, as well as the semantic system. This component should also be noted that the language of wisdom is thorough and complete. Furthermore any language problems found in setting policy, should be formulated in the form of language planning.


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