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The term is derived from the Greek theater ebtaccount.jpmorgan.com of ancient Theatron stage means building or venue aksian, action, movement, acting or tindakkan. theater in the broad sense refers to all kinds of spectacle performed in front of crowds. Included in the scope of this definition include Japin story shows, music concerts, horse gipang, Longser, lenong, ludruk and others.

Wisdom of the language can be interpreted as a conceptual and political considerations which are intended to provide planning, directing, and provisions that can ebtaccount jpmorgan be used as a basis for processing keseluruhn language problems faced by a nation nationally. Thus, the wisdom of the language is a handle which is national, to then make a plan how to build and develop the language palcs as a means of verbal communication that can be used right across the country, and can be accepted by all citizens who are lingual, ethnicity, and culture different.
The problems faced by each nation's language is not the same, because it depends on the language situation existing in the country. Countries that already have sufficient linguistic history, and in the country's only ad one language tend not to have a serious language problems. But in countries that formed and has many regional languages ​​will have linguistic problems are serious enough, and has the possibility of social and political turmoil due to the language problem.

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