Politically in Indonesia there are three languages ​​namely national, regional language, and foreign languages. Long before the wisdom of the language is taken to establish the function of the three languages, the leaders of the struggle of Indonesia based on the fact that the Malay language has been since centuries ago have been widely used as a lingua franca in the archipelago and the system is quite simple, has set and raised the Malay language into the language of unity for the whole of Indonesia and the Indonesian name it. Indonesian removal events that occurred on October 28, 1928 in the so-called Soempah pemoeda pledge that never lead to protests or negative reactions from other ethnic groups in Indonesia, although the number of speakers more. Then fixing Indonesian be the state language in the Constitution of 1945 did not cause a problem. Therefore, the decision makers in determining the wisdom of language that sets the functions Indonesian, local language, and foreign languages ​​can do it smoothly. Indonesian determined in accordance with his position as the national language and the language of the country, as a symbol of national pride, and as a communication tool of national state or intrabangsa. Language area serves as a symbol of regionalism and communication tools intrasuku. Foreign language serves as a means of communication between nations and the adder science. Decision-making in the wisdom of the language by the leaders of the country to establish a common language that will be used as the official language of the state is usually also associated with a desire to advance a nation.

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